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Moms and Nurses: The Most Special People in the World

FemaleMoms and Nurses are two of my favorite groups of people.  Why?  Because they are nurturers.  As a mom and a nurse for over 35 years.  I can identify with the biggest problem that most nurturers face.  That is the problem of taking time out for ourselves.

Moms and Nurses work long hours, develop a supernatural ability to multitask, and make their charges a priority.  However, when it comes to making oneself a priority, there is a lack of insight on how to balance the two.  To begin the process, we as nurturers must recognize this is a problem.

Acknowledging there is a problem is a first step.  Seeking opportunities to make a change is step two.  Lastly, taking action (saying yes to yourself) on opportunities to change is the most important choice a nurturer can make!

So, in light of honoring mothers on Mother’s Day and nurses for Nurse’s Week,  I am offering a discount to the Mindset Reset Experience in Staten Island on May 19 and Baltimore on June 2!  At the Experience we examine how to make ourselves a priority.  You can’t give what you don’t have! We get to look at YOUR plans, your vision and your what’s next!  We will have a meal, vision boarding and awesome speakers on the topics of beauty, mindset management, motherhood and more!

Use the link below to get the 2 tickets for $80 instead of $98.  These links are only good until Midnight (EST) May 13. For Staten Island May 19.  For Baltimore June 2.

Don’t continue to be last on your list.  Make this the day you change the way you care for everyone in your life and career, including yourself!