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Our jobs as nurses lead to a lot of stress.    Stress affects our emotions which affects how we learn and behave.   We think we manage it well because we get the job done. (and well I might add). But what do we do with those emotions?  Most times we turn them inward.   If we can’t learn about ourselves and our staff, (due to stress)  we can’t move ahead.   If we can’t move ahead we will not feel a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment.  Without those feelings we get burnt out.  Burnout is well-known to lead to an increase medical errors affecting our patients and also  it leads to health issues for nurses, apathy and irritation with each other.  If we do not learn how to handle stress, we nurses, as a profession are in deep trouble. 

We need to take charge of our lives!  We need to recognize and deal with stress.   Excercise, yoga and  meditation are some well-known ways to decrease stress.  I like to travel and read to relieve stress in my life.  If you want to live a more peaceful and contented life, make changes in your life.  Become aware of and manage those things  that “stress” you out.  Sometimes it may just to “forget about it” 

How do you handle stress?