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New Year’s Day. Happens every year.  Its resolution time for many, even though, I am noticing more and more people every year are not making any.  When asked why, most say “I don’t follow through with them anyway, so why make them” (fear of failure) or they say “I start out good and then I lose steam” (lack of motivation or commitment).

We all have goals, both personal and professional yet so many go unrealized.  Why?  Because we haven’t gone about setting or meeting our goals in a systematic, foolproof way.

Well, I have 5, key areas of focus for you to use so you can effectively define and reach your goals successfully in a timely manner.  This systematic approach needs you to answer the big questions Who, What, When, Why and How can I plan and reach my goals consistently!

  1. Who – The number 1 way to reach your goals is to build an awareness of who you are. What influences your choices and decisions?  Is it Intellect? Emotions? Experiences? Spirituality? Even when it’s a combination of them all, how do you manage them?

You are a unique and complete human being with mental, physical, emotional and            spiritual intelligence.  You can only make appropriate goals for yourself when you              understand what makes you tick.

  1. What do you want? We all want a lot of things, for a lot of different reasons. Are your goals and aspirations related to your life and your purpose or is it someone else’s dreams you’re trying to live?

Excited Young Female DoctorWhen you’re living in your purpose with passion you will have what you really            want….satisfaction and fulfillment.  Being aware of who you are will absolutely              guide you in your ability to accurately plan for what will make you “happy.”

3. When – Right Now! We start new endeavors all the time based on dates i.e. New Year, a holiday or birthday. Or we base new beginnings on events. For example,              “I’m going on a cruise so I need to lose 10 pounds before I go”.  These motivations               rarely,  if ever, work and even when they do, they don’t work long term.

workplace-1245776_1920 (2) Don’t procrastinate.  Procrastination is a stealer of dreams and a saboteur of                  accomplishing goals.  ‘Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today’ needs    to be your mantra when it comes to your goals.  It’s all about renewing our            commitment to ourselves!  When you don’t allow procrastination to hold you back          you will always be moving forward with less setbacks or missed opportunities.

       4. Why – Because you are unique and you have a unique reason why you are here.             You were born not only to receive from the world but to give something back.  Your           very existence means you are part of a bigger plan.  When you operate within your          purpose in life, you will feel the joy because you will be setting, meeting and fulfilling        your goals and your purpose for being here.

      5. How – The secret strategy to reaching your goals is really found in personal                   development. Tapping into your personal power is the long lasting motivation you             need.   Personal power is enhanced by two things: focus and connection.

a. Develop Focus Distraction is easy to come by in this day and time. Cell phones,              computers, social media and TV, just to name a few.  Many of us tend to have                       work-a-holic tendencies.  ‘Striving instead of Thriving’ We do for everyone else and             fit ourselves in as a last resort.

You have to prioritize and focus. Just like thoroughbred racehorses, sometimes you must put on your blinders. One acronym for focus is Follow One Course Until Successful’ and one of my own acronyms for focusing on your path is not to let the Foolishness of Others Corrupt or Undo your Success’.  That means watch the people around you. Haters do exist.


Me and Nay Nay voting 2012 ist time

My daughter and I. 

b. Connect with like-minded people.  Build a network of people who will encourage and support you in reaching your goals. There are plenty of nay-sayers and sometimes they live within your own head.

Surrounding yourself with the people, activities and time to support you, will help you successfully reach your goals in record time and will relieve some of the burden in getting there.

As a Life Architect and Success Engineer Coach, I am all about your success. Your success is my success!  With over 35 years in nursing and 20 of those years in management, I have found the secret to enjoying my life and career.  I want to share those secrets with you.

If you are ‘sick and tired’ of being ‘sick and tired’ of not reaching your goals or not having a sense of joy and fulfillment about your life and/ or career, get in touch with me for a free 30-minute ‘Personal Power’ consultation. Let me help you set and reach your goals sooner rather than later.  Use the link below to schedule your session.

I look forward to talking with you.  Here’s to your success!

Logo1Naomi D. Jones MS, RN, CRNI is a Registered Nurse, Certified Life Coach, Author and Inspirational Speaker. In 2005, Naomi started her company, Consults Unlimited Inc., because she wanted to share her genuine, compassionate concern for future generations. This desire led Naomi to develop coaching programs in Personal and Leadership Development for nurses and others who are seeking to be better, do better and have better so you can serve better.  She believes that we should all strive to be transformational leaders from within using our mind, body, soul and spirit.  As leaders, we can enjoy building our legacy and be effective in changing the lives of others.  Naomi has over 35 years in nursing, of which 20 are in management. She holds a Master’s Degree in Health Administration, several certifications and served in the U.S. Army Nurse Corp Reserves. She is the author of “Lead Powerfully From Within” which was released March 2017 and “Check Y.U.R. Chicken: How To Stop A Self Defeating Mindset” to be released January 2018” and the co-author of several publications.


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