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How Deep Is Your Pain?

wolfHow deep is your pain? As human beings we feel pain from time to time. Sometimes the pain is physical, but we also feel emotional and spiritual pain. We experience pain when we don’t meet our goals, our dreams go unrealized or when we’re not living up to our best potential. Eventually physical pain will often bring people to seek medical attention but how do we handle our other types of pain?

There is a story about a dog howling day after day.  When the owner is questioned as to why the dog is howling, the owner answers, “It’s because he’s lying on a nail.”  “Why doesn’t he move?” the stranger asks. The owner states, “Because the pain is enough to make him howl but it isn’t enough to make him move.”  The dog’s mindset grew comfortable with the pain.

frogDuring the 19th century an experiment was performed with a frog and boiling water. The premise was, if you throw a frog into boiling water it will jump out. But if you put a frog in cool water and slowly raise the temperature, the frog will continue to stay in the water until it boils to death. It keeps readjusting its own body temperature to the rising heat. The frog’s mindset grew comfortable with the rising heat.

In contrast, a firewalker learns to walk on burning coals of fire without getting burned by mastering the mind-body connection. The firewalker does this by developing their mindset to the level where they get their body to act in accordance with what the mind wants it to do.  Fire walking relates to the seemingly impossible things we want to accomplish in our lives. Not getting burned represents the outcome we can have when we handle our pain. This mindset knows it’s capable of achieving more.

Are you the dog on the nail?  Are there some nails in your life and career causing you enough pain to cry out and yet you won’t move because you’re afraid of the possibility of the pain you MIGHT have to endure if you do move?  Or are you the frog?  The temperature has been rising slowly but surely.  You know it’s been getting hotter and hotter making you more uncomfortable. You know there’s something more for you in your life but you just continue readjusting to your present situation.

You ARE meant for more!  Your life has purpose!  Your leadership fits into your purpose. Here how to begin the process of transforming your life and career and stopping the pain.

First, decide what’s important to you.

  1. What do you value? Integrity, loyalty, hard work? Take the time to really understand what makes you tick.
  2. Begin the process of determining where you are in your life and career right now and if you are actively or passively promoting or hindering your journey to YOUR purpose.

There is more to life than the same old day after day pain of boredom and /or stresses.  There is joy and contentment when you refuse to remain the dog on the nail or the frog in boiling water.

If you are ready to have the mindset of a firewalker and you’re ready to stop being comfortable with the pain, let’s talk!   I would love to share my strategies on how to effectively enjoy your journey in leadership and stop the pain.

Please share an instance when you allowed yourself to be comfortable with the pain in a situation. What did you do to stop the pain?

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