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Thanksgiving! Was it over before it began?

Wow! Thanksgiving has come and gone. This is my favorite holiday because it’s all about the 3 F’s.  Family, Friends and Food.  I love it. I have been cooking dinner for this holiday for over 25 years.  I usually have anywhere from 25 to 40 people and I make enough so that everyone can eat, take food home and still have enough for my family to have leftovers. 

This year something new happened.  The stores opened at midnight, Some as early as 10pm. Is this the new trend?  Will it be Black Thursday evening?  Hold on!  When I was growing up I remember the day after Thanksgiving started the first day of the holiday season.  This year the mall even had its Christmas tree up by mid November and I hadn’t even started shopping for my food yet.
People now had to leave their families earlier to go to work or to get ready to shop. What time will they open next year? After all, sales were up!
I, for one do not want to see this trend continue.  Family is the heart and soul of our culture.  Shopping is not. When the last person left my house, we all felt good, we had renewed relationships and left refreshed.  I look forward to Thanksgiving next year but I hope that we remember what the holiday is really about.  The 3 F’s. 
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Naomi Jones – Life Coach RN

Planning For The Holidays Financially!

Fall is here!  School is back in session. Most vacations are over.  Mentally we are starting to get back into routines. What routine do you have with your money?  The holiday shopping pressure will soon begin!  Well one thing we know is that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming!  Look around, the stores and commercials are gearing up.  It seems to begin earlier each year!  We are barely done with one season or holiday before they are advertising the next one.
Are you prepared mentally and financially? Thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite holidays.  For me it’s all about being surrounded by family and good food.  I usually have around 25 to 40 people at my home and I do all the cooking.  I love it but I definitely have to plan for it financially. 

  • One thing I do is start a little envelope in September for Thanksgiving shopping only. I will add about $25 – $50 dollars per paycheck to offset the need for extra food.

  • Secondly, I have my menu pre-planned so I know what I will need.

  • Another practice I have, is to start buying some of the non perishable items on sale and store them. 

Regarding Christmas, I have a Christmas club that allows me to save throughout the year and decreases the need to use credit for holiday shopping.

Planning is key! If you want to decrease the stress that sometimes comes with the financial constraints of the holidays, make sure you spend some time planning ahead.