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Business Strategy and Results

Having a plan and following it is key in every aspect of your life. You must take the time to reconcile your mind, body, soul and spirit. This blog speaks to why great leadership requires self assessment.

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Think about your business strategy for a few minutes. Have they been designed to achieve top line growth, increase or defend market share. Are you focused on customer satisfaction or is it something else?

Now, ask yourself; Are you satisfied with your results?

We know Company’s like Blockbuster, Sears, Radio Shack and a many other retailers are not satisfied with their results.

All of the above mentioned companies at one time were implementing strategies that worked really well, and then suddenly it seemed like all of their results were off and it was too late.

So as a leader you need to slow down sometimes and take a real close look at the results of your strategies and results. This isn’t hard to do, but most of us don’t do it.

We get busy, or we get distracted and we lose our focus. sometime our priorities get out of alignment…

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Own The Tone

Nursing CapMy first position as a Director of Nursing in a home care agency had me ill equipped to manage staff. As a new person, I heard a lot of, “I don’t do that!” “That’s her job!” Others would pull me to the side to say, “They did that for the last director” or “The last director did this.” I learned quickly that I needed to set the tone for my own position and how I would handle issues. I learned that it is the most important factor for effective leadership that a leader sets the tone. This is true of new managers and seasoned managers who may be taking on new staff, or may just realize that what they’re doing just isn’t working.

The way you dress, keep your office space, speak and handle yourself professionally are all involved in setting the atmosphere in which you work. You set the tone of how change is accepted by yourself and your staff. You set the tone of how you will be treated by your peers and co-workers. You set the tone on how your staff will treat each other.

Three tips to help you set the tone at your workplace:

  1. Learn your job description and your staff’s job descriptions (if you have staff). If you don’t have staff know the job descriptions of the people you will work closely with. You really need to know what everyone does so you can see how the different positions interact to see the big picture.
  2.  Survey – Speak with and observe your upper direct reports, other managers, staff and ancillary staff to understand the culture of the organization. Every organization has its own unique culture. Sometimes different units will have their own sub-cultures. This is to avoid being a “bull in a china shop” or be “run over” by some bulldozer type personalities.
  3. Lead – Lead with confidence. Once you understand processes and culture, don’t be afraid to implement new things. You are the fresh eyes and with due diligence most likely have very good ideas because you haven’t been totally incorporated into the culture. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks or make mistakes. As long as you learn from them, you will continue to grow.

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