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The Female Leader

This week, we are presenting to some and introducing to others, our guest blogger, Becky Peroz, CPPM. Becky comes to us from Australia and specializes in writing and delivery of learning and development workshops. Becky is also a contributor of “The Female Leader” as well as contributor to “”Inspirational Women Magazine.”

Book_CoverEver have one of those days that make you want to scream? Everyone and everything in the world just goes wrong and you wonder if being alive is worth it? And coffee just doesn’t help.

I am having one of those days (weeks) right now. I have to move due to the house we are in being put on the market for sale. My husband works away, so I have to coordinate between him, the new real estate and the timetable we have in place. I have chemotherapy treatment for my arthritic condition due in that time frame as well. I have a friend who is undergoing radiation for cancer and requires treatment everyday for 6 weeks staying with me as she lives remote and needs to be close to her treating hospital while this happens. I have a lawsuit against former employers because they haven’t paid me for 2 months work, just because they don’t want to. And I have a trip to America planned that I need to prepare for as I will be presenting at a conference while I am there as well as signing some books – “The Female Leader” being one of them.

There are ups and downs in our lives at all times. Its called being alive. But like my scenario above, it can all just get way too much to handle and we fall in a heap emotionally. I have been tempted to pull my hair out while screaming in the last few days, but then I would have to schedule a visit to my hairdresser amongst the rest of my commitments!

How do I deal with all of this? One chunk at a time. As women, we tend to lump everything together and then have a melt down from overwhelm about what is happening in our lives and think the sky might be falling as well. We cry when we feel anger. We feel anger instead of crying and releasing the emotion. We then feel worse about ourselves because we are not coping with what is happening. We are pretty hard on ourselves when things don’t go to plan and it all gets too much for us to deal with.

My chapter in “The Female Leader” is all about dealing with this place that we are all familiar with. It is called “The Secret Language of Men.” It is not really a secret, but having worked with men for 25 years, it is something they do very well, and we ladies, not so much. I wanted to share it with as many women as I can as I believe it’s one of the most useful habits we can learn.

I use it all the time, especially right now! It is about breaking down each piece of our life and looking at what we can control and what we can’t, without the emotion attached to it. It is about measuring how big the deal really is and applying some practical questions around what we are going to do for each chunk. It is about taking away the overwhelm that is all consuming and emotionally draining. I hope it helps you the way it helps me cope with what life throws at me every day.

Contact Becky:

Becky Paroz CPPM

Telephone: +61410668826



Becky Paroz has nearly 25 years experience in engineering and construction and has been a qualified Project Manager for over 5 years. She has demonstrated her leadership skills through her involvement in graduate training programs and in house workshops for many of her employers. Her formal training as a performance coach allows her to generate learning outcomes that create lasting change. She has been involved in public speaking since one of her managers put her in front of 600 men and told her she had 20 minutes to teach them how to do their job properly. Receiving a standing ovation at that presentation set her up for a lifetime addiction to receiving applause.

Becky is a regular speaker at state and national industry conferences for many years now. Becky’s company Queen B Project Systems offers the development and integration of culture and systems for the construction industry. Becky’s other company APMMA™ (Australian Project Management Mentors and Associates) delivers workshops that transcends lessons learnt and focuses on the improvement of the human capital aspects of project management. APMMA™ won the QLD Project Management Achievement Award (Community Service) in 2012 for her volunteer work in the creation, execution and delivery of the IPMA Young Crew global workshop (2011).

Becky is known for her use of humour to challenge status quo thinking and offering alternative views for consideration. She is motivated to pass on her lessons leant to assist and educate the next generation of leaders to become high achievers like herself.

When Becky is not busy challenging the status quo in her career, she challenges herself racing cars, learning stand up comedy and studying quantum physics. She is passionate about everything.

She has recently added to her achievements by becoming a writer and contributes to three (3) international magazines – Hussy Mag ( ), Inspirational Women Magazine ( ) and some of her articles have been translated into Spanish for the magazine Mujer Profesionista. El lado femenino del liderato (The Professional Women. The feminine side of leadership) .

She has contributed to the following books and is due to release 2 books of her own at the end of 2014.

The Woman’s Book of Empowerment and Confidence: 365 Daily Affirmations    (released Dec 2013)

The Female Leader: Empowerment, Confidence and Passion           (released Feb 2014)

Sink, Swim or Float: Surviving the Tidal Waves of Life                       (due for release Aug 2014)

The Coaching Gurus                                                                          (due for release Aug 2014)

Overcoming the Good Little Girl Syndrome                                        (due for release Aug 2014)

The Female CEO: Pearls, Power & Passion                                       (due for release Aug 2014)

Behind the Mask! The Many Faces of Bullying                                    (due for release Aug 2014)

The Power of Transformation: Reinventing Your Life                          (due for release Aug 2014)

The Empowered Woman: Purpose, Passion & Possibilities                (due for release Aug 2014)

Your Mouth Has Power Over Your Money!!

Speak Positivity over your Finances

I remember starting out in my first apartment filledwith hand me down furniture.  I made thedecision then to act as if I hadexpensive furniture.  I took care of itas if it were expensive and expected my guests and child to treat it thesame.  I knew in my heart that the day wouldcome when I would have better things.  I spokeand acted on my believing that things would be better one day.  Not if but when. 

Your thoughts have power to influence yourlife.  Proverbs 23:7 says “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he……”   Thoughts become images in your head.  These thoughts/ images lead to actions.  These actions are the very manifestation ofwhat we think.  This is the new thing someare calling “intention” God spoke about this centuries ago.  

When you think about your life be careful what youspeak.  There is a phrase “you are whatyou eat”.  Well it’s very likely you willbecome what you speak.  As Mark 12:34says “….. For out the abundance of the heart hismouth speaketh.” This means that who you are is what you will talk about andvice versa. The New Living translation Luke 6:45  says “….. What yousay flows from what is in your heart.”  Youneed to watch what you say and guard your mind from foolish thinking.  

Watch your thoughts, they become words. Your wordsbecome actions which become habits. Your habits then point you in a directionthat will manifest in your destiny.  Ifyou keep saying you can’t find a job you won’t. If you focus on badrelationships, you will create them and live with them. If you say you arebroke, you will be.  

In today’s difficult economic times, it is extremelyimportant that you speak positivity over your finances.    Chooseyourwords carefully when you speak about your financial situations.  Be specific when describing where you want tobe financially.  Define in your mind whatyou need and want.  Picture it in yourmind.  Focus your actions around thosethings like creating a budget, starting a savings account etc.  Design a plan and persevere until you getthere.  You will see how yourcircumstances will change as you change the way youspeak!!

Make your thoughts and conversations positive. Don’tlet people around you talk you out of what you know.   Speak positive about your finances or shutup!  

If you settle for less that’s what you will get!