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2012 is a transformational year. This is the year to seriously put a plan in place to become and remain debt free. When we think about debt we usually talk about things like mortgages, cars, clothes and things. We also talk about credit card debt and other types of loans. There is another type of debt we need to look at and become free from. Our kids. What! Not those little darlings we brought into the world.

This week I had an aha moment. My grown children owed me and my husband money for a variety of things. Cell phones, gas, hair. A dollar here, 30 dollars there. “I’ll pay you back mom” they say. When I ask there’s some mumbling that goes on but I never get anything. I was feeling the stress of being a bill collector. I was complaining, feeling unappreciated and wondering where I went wrong. Then my moment. I realized I love my children very much and want the very best for them. I also realized I was part of the problem. I was disabling my children’s ability to be self sufficient, responsible citizens. By not allowing my children to stand on their own and fall if they need to, I am stunting their growth as a human being. After all we didn’t we learn by our mistakes?

Which do you think is worst? Should we take care of all of our grown adult children’s needs or let them live by their decisions both good and not so good?

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Comments on: "Financial Freedom! From Your Kids?" (3)

  1. cat murray said:

    why wait until they are grown? i’m doing the same thing with my 18 year old. I too love her dearly but she has her tenticles in a kung fu grip around me with no intention of letting me go. she refuses to grow up nor does she have the desire to stand on her own. i’ve have been trying to prepare her for the real world during the 4 years she was in high school. when a child turns 18, legally there are alot of things I can’t do for her anymore, even if I wanted to. I have showed her and am talking myself blue in the face explaining to her how and why she needs to take care of her business and the money she makes is not enough to pay her bills. she doesn’t feel she is worth more than a minimum wage job. what’s up with that? any suggestions?

  2. marcia said:

    Good for you…they will get it!

  3. @Cat Murray. Thanks for sharing. This generation of young people sure have their challenges and growing up is scary. We also have to remember that the frontal lobe of the brain is not fully developed until around 18 to 25 years old. That part of the brain governs planning, motivation, problem solving and reasoning among other things. This is why experience may be a good teacher with us (the parents) as guides. Does your daughter pay bills now? Does she have a budget? Does she pay you rent? Those are some of the realities she may need to be exposed to.

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